The Maizières-lès-Metz laboratory has recently bought a new multi-functional device for its fire resistance activity.
This new device enables:

  • tests to be carried out on elements under tension, such as cables, solid steel bars (PR EN 13381-10), up to 40 tons on two parallel elements. The connection plates of the test element are easily adaptable according to the requirements of the element subject of the test
  • tests to be carried out on loaded floors according to the standards EN 13381-1, EN 1365-2 and EN 13381-3, with a maximum load of 15 tons per support line
  • large elements to be assembled, such as cable trays going through two vertical walls (EN 1366-11), up to a total weight of 15 tons loaded outside the furnaces in order to facilitate access conditions and safety during the assembly.


To test elements in tension (cables, solid steel bar, …)        

In addition, this support can be disassembled into four parts, which makes it easier to store and especially to transport to the different laboratories of the Efectis group.


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