Since 2 years now, Efectis has developed his presence in the North African countries through his agency located in Casablanca.

Considering the similarity between the regulations of the French speaking African countries and of France, it has been Efectis’s will to make the construction actors benefit from his expertise in Fire Safety, in particular in terms of Smoke extraction engineering, of fire behavior of facades, and of validation of complex and innovating solutions.

Efectis has been then able during 2017 to participate in the project for the high speed line between Tanger and Casablanca for the validation of the fire stability of the bearing structures of the Tanger, Kenitra and Rabat stations through the realization of fire behavior engineering studies.

These studies have been articulated around the following steps :

  • Step 1 : proposition of fire scenarios
  • Step 2 : modeling the fire development and the thermal actions for the real fire scenarios
  • Step 3 : thermo mechanical analysis of the structures’ fire behavior
  • Step 4 : synthesis and conclusion of the fire stability of the studied structures.

Through thermo mechanical calculations using the most performant numerical tools, these studies have enabled the  contractor and the companies to :

  • Respect the deadlines and the budgetary envelope
  • Optimize the sizing of the structures and the potential protection which are to be implemented
  • Guarantee a high level of performance of the facilities’ safety

Other studies are going on for large scope projects such as the Big theater of Rabat (Smoke extraction system), the CFC Tower in Casablanca (Visa Feu of the façade)

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