Efectis UK/Ireland has now expanded its activities to a broader context. Fire testing activities have been carried out in Belfast since 2017 and the new Engineering Department was launched in mid-2019. Based in London, Efectis UK/Ireland Fire Safety Engineering Department provides safety engineering services in the UK and Ireland, including but not limited to

  • site investigations in various construction and manufacturing projects
  • assessment reports to provide evidence for the use of different construction materials for design/construction/manufacturing sectors
  • engineering judgement for construction design safety
  • attending high quality meetings with regards to regulations, codes and standards
  • networking with current and potential clients in the form of meetings or site visits
  • demonstrating Efectis’ services in the form of presentations/exhibitions in different related events, i.e. conferences, trade shows, etc.

Several other services are also available in relation with other Efectis sites, such as

  • employing numerical approaches, i.e. CFD code FDS, to simulate fire and dispersion of smoke/toxic gases
  • further expansion of CFD simulation studies to hazards associated with hydrogen, which is extensively under development in various industries as an energy carrier
  • developing validated models for structural fire behaviour
  • providing simple analytical tools to be used for engineering assessment and engineering judgement studies,


Contact: Moh DADASHZADEH – [moh.dadashzadeh@efectis.com]

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