The use of new and innovative products for facades has given rise to concerns about fire performance. Moreover, a number of recent fires (especially in high-rise buildings) in countries in different parts of the world, have illustrated the need of testing external wall systems on a realistic scale.

In order to answer to market needs, Efectis has extended its testing capacity to four test benches:

  • One bench is located in Belfast and allows the performance of tests according to BS 8414-1 and BS 8414-2.
  • Three benches are located in Les Avenières (near Lyon) and allow the performance of tests according to the French LEPIR 2 method and also according to BS 8414-1 and -2.

The Belfast laboratory is also able to perform intermediate scale tests according to ISO 13785-1:2002.

All of these tests are performed under ISO 17025 accreditation (UKAS or COFRAC).

Efectis UK/Ireland and Efectis France are recognised by their respective local authorities to deliver the official assessment and classification required by the national regulation.


Contact: Damien Flammier-  or Clément Baudart –

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