Nuclear Safety
Namad Imen

The business is changing for us and for the players in the fire safety market. Efectis aims to always be one step ahead, by hiring the best people and working with the right strategic partners worldwide. Have a look at the latest annual report to get a better idea about our Group, our market, and strategy for the future.


Efectis is a fire science company and covers all fire safety expertise in testing and modeling, certification and inspection around the world. To always offer safer living environments, the Efectis teams continually expand their skills to include other safety domains such as structural integrity, pathology assessment of materials, components and systems, and life prediction and durability for new and old buildings, monuments and infrastructures. Learn more about projects led by Efectis teams.


The Efectis Group is always focused on market opportunities and opened to potential partnerships around the world. Efectis has offices and laboratories in six countries. Don’t hesitate to contact us.