According to your business sector, Efectis proposes a complementary list of services, taking your issues into account.

Building Materials

Efectis has the knowledge and experience to help building owners, product manufacturers, and authorities choose the most appropriate building materials, measure their performance and determine their impact on the fire safety of buildings.

Commercial and high-rise

In order to provide early warning in case of unavoidable disaster, the objective Efectis has set for commercial and high-rise buildings is to focus on fire safety problems through protective measures, analyses, engineering, testing, control/audit.

Public buildings

Our recognized fire laboratories as well as our experience in fire safety engineering, inspection and certification make us the appropriate partner for authorities, owners, designers and constructors.

Storage and warehouse

We all trust that what we store is kept safe until such time as we need it, which is a good reason for looking at the conditions in which we leave our valuable products.

Oil and gas industry

Fire hazards are present in every step of the production process, from upstream (extraction and transportation) to downstream (refineries and storage). Efectis has the knowledge and experience to evaluate, design or review the protection systems.

Nuclear and power plants

Efectis has more than 20 years’ experience in the nuclear field. It has worked extensively on fire safety in nuclear plants, becoming a major partner of nuclear operators for all fire safety related issues.


Efectis has the knowledge and experience to support governments, investors, manufacturers, operators, and insurers in taking the correct measures based on relevant scenarios to protect and maintain infrastructures.