Product & system assessment

The laboratory assessments are studies based on test report analysis of conventional fire tests already carried out, and may lead to the issuance of:

  • A classification report defining the field of application of the fire resistance elements,
  • An extension of field of application to validate minor modifications on the element already covered by the initial classification report,
  • On-site approvals following modifications to the tested elements. The certification covers only a specific element at a defined location.
  • An on-site assessment when the study requires further measurements in-situ.

The objective of these studies is to obtain a classification document, which will avoid further testing and which thereby provides an optimized answer to the client in terms of cost and time constraints. These can also be based on modeling studies for honing the justifications or recommendations.

These studies are thus intended for all those involved in fire safety (architects, inspectors, contractors, etc.), and can be considered for any type of construction for which a fire resistance performance is expected (public buildings, high-rise buildings, tunnels and underground infrastructures, Classified Installations for Environmental Protection, nuclear facilities, collective housing).

Fire investigation

A fire is devastating, the aftermath can be even worse. From the moment your company or home is struck by a fire a number of investigations will be launched.

  • A fire investigation by fire and police departments to look into possible criminal activity and arson.
  • An insurance company investigation to determine if there is a financial obligation on the part of the insurer.

This is the time to take control instead of waiting for the results of the investigations. A third-party fire expert can gather all relevant information in case an insurer notifies you that your claim will not be accepted. Because by that time much information and evidence will have been lost. Investigating a fire can only be done once. During the investigation evidence is being displaced or destroyed. There is no second chance when it comes to fire investigation.

Next to the tragedy of the fire, bankruptcy is a real risk.

Examples of what we can do for you:

  • A defect in your production system can cause a fire. How can you prevent it from happening again?
  • Your building is damaged by fire and you want to know how to reconstruct the building.
  • Is your insurance coverage adequate for your business activities and financial responsibilities?

Why choose Efectis?

Efectis has a track record in fire investigation and over 60 years of fire testing and fire engineering experience, with clients in all lines of business and throughout the world.

Our laboratories give us the unique ability to reconstruct fires on a full scale but also on a small scale to test a hypothesis.

Our fire investigations are based on NFPA 921 and done by an International Certified Fire investigator.