In 2018, EFECTIS upgraded its experimental means, with a very large investment of more than 2 m€, modernizing its laboratories.

First of all, 2018 enabled EFECTIS to add additional testing sites:

  • Saint Yan in France allowing to offer large scale tests and firefighting trainings,
  • FireSERT in Ulster for being able to address the UK market including fire resistance, reaction to fire, façades. The UKAS accreditation has been obtained in October 2018.

Two new fire resistance furnaces have been built in France with cubic dimensions for testing horizontal and vertical proofs. At the same time, two very old fire resistance furnaces were dismantled.
In The Netherlands, EFECTIS managed a full refurbishment of its combined vertical and horizontal furnaces, with the RWS tests capabilities without any additional linings, winning time and quality for its worldwide tunnel customers.

In Turkey, a new vertical furnace has been implemented increasing the testing capacities for addressing the Turkish and Middle East market.
With fourteen (14) fire resistance furnaces from 1,5 m3 to more than 150 m3, from 200°C classification tests (as fans) to 1350°C (RWS or HCM), including lower heating curve as ISO, HC or UL1709, and loading up to 1000 tons, represent the largest testing means internationally.

On the other hand, new experimental devices in Reaction to fire have been introduced into the group. The French classification method (M-classification) is now available in France. New measurement devices as FTIR are completing the means from Efectis UK/Ireland.
EFECTIS has increased its testing benches for large scale tests of façades, with two benches of LEPIR II and two benches of BS 8414.

Last but not least, the Saint Yan platform brings to EFECTIS an additional testing platform for large scale tests, in addition to the 20 MW calorimeter hood in Ulster and the 5 MW calorimeter hood available in the laboratory in Maizières Les Metz or 3MW in Bleiswijk.

So, EFECTIS is facing 2019 with a larger pallet of experimental means that should be able to answer to the customer needs, for classification of their fire products, but also for research purposes. Knowing that EFECTIS also updated in 2018 its calculation capacities and enlarges its knowledge with new skills (e.g. forest fires).

EFECTIS will be glad to welcome you in one of its five (5) laboratories, to assess scientifically the performance of products, to certify including a full Production Control Unit audit, and to evaluate the system implemented in your project (construction, transportation or energy production).


President Efectis Group


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