In the summer of 2019 Efectis Nederland was asked to be a partner in setting up an international association dedicated to Passive Fire Protection for tunnels. As members of PFPNet, Efectis investigated the ability to organize this as a Technical subcommittee within PFPNet. With the approval of the Board, this initiative is now under development.

An initial meeting was organized at Efectis Nederland in January 2020, attended by a number of European companies active in tunnel fire protection. A second meeting is planned in Q2 of 2020 with the objective of officially starting this subcommittee during the PFPNet conference this year.

What is the committee’s objective?

  • Increase knowledge, understanding and standards
  • Provide a forum for addressing key topics

What will we be working on?

  • Harmonization of test standards
  • Common understanding of terminology
  • Provide knowledge throughout the production chain
  • Assess aspects of sustainability
  • Provide guidelines
  • Cost reduction
  • Avoid duplication of efforts (costs)
  • Central point of knowledge and distribution of information
  • Staff training and qualifications
  • Create awareness in countries that are not yet looking into tunnel safety
  • Have a common voice with regard to the use of PFP in tunnels
  • Gather knowledge from various countries and institutes
  • Understand what tunnel owners require
  • Fill the gaps of the current international tunnel standard
  • Raise the level of safety
  • Prepare for changes like renewable energy cars and other aspects that are decisive for the tunnel of the future


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