Efectis recently signed a contract with the European Commission to form the Technical Secretariat for the Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP).

The objective of the Fire Information Exchange platform (FIEP) is to stimulate exchange of experience of countries having already an effective approach toward fire safety and country less experienced on the matter, to define common ground for Fire safety in Europe.

In order to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience in a more detailed way 5 projects have been set up:

  • PT1: exchange of experience from fire accidents
  • PT2: regulatory approach for new products and high-rise buildings
  • PT3: the application of fire prevention principles
  • PT4: the use of fire engineering approach in building regulations
  • PT5: common terminology and fire statistics

Activities in PT1 and PT3 have already started.

The objective of the project is to motivate each Member State (MS) to actively take part in a dialogue, while keeping the objectivity and transparency in the exchange. As a result the Domestic Fire Safety must increase.

For more information contact: nederland@efectis.com