Through the ages economic growth has been directly related to relevant infrastructure. Nowadays this means fast transportation of material and people over often overcrowded water, rail, and road infrastructure. Natural barriers like mountains, rivers and even seas are crossed with bridges and tunnels. The result of the failure of such a structure became painfully clear when a large tunnel fire in the Alps delivered a sharp economic blow to the Aosta Valley region. Because there is always the risk of an incident, adequate measures to prevent injuries, casualties, and the unavailability of the structure must be considered.

Efectis has the knowledge and experience to support governments, investors, manufacturers, operators, and insurers in taking the correct measures based on relevant scenarios to protect and maintain infrastructures. In doing so, Efectis supports economic growth without adding unnecessary costs.

Our services

  • Determination of representative scenarios and fire loads
  • Assessment of the structural design
  • Assessment of the expected fire behavior
  • Assessment of safety systems
  • Assessment of the ventilation system (CFD)
  • Fire testing of the structure elements, such as doors, concrete elements and construction material
  • Full-scale tunnel fire scenario testing
  • In situ testing of existing structures
  • Testing of fire-resistant insulation materials
  • Smoke extraction and ventilation system testing
  • Electric circuit integrity testing
  • Testing of the effectiveness of fire suppression systems (sprinkler, mist, deluge)