We are an independent third party assessing the fire performance of products, systems or constructions.

Based on 70 years of experience, Efectis is assessing the fire performance of your products, systems or entire projects. Whatever the domain (nuclear, transportation, residential dwellings, infrastructure, tunnels, industrial process and storage or offices), whatever the performance (fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems, equipment , etc.).

Efectis is continuously expending its worldwide recognized services. Always looking for partnerships, hiring talent and acquiring new competences in fire safety.

In our words:” A great company for great careers”.

Facts and figures

companies dedicated to fire science: Efectis France, Efectis Nederland, Efectis Era Avrasya,  Efectis Outlabs Ventilation, Efectis Uk/Ireland

More than 200 employees at 16 sites, including 5 laboratories

Recognized as official testing institutes for more than 70 years

6 strategic partners: Ifopse (France), FluidAlp (France), Sopemea, Enveho, RISE (Sweden), Ulster (UK)

Around 2900 fire tests done in 2019

Turnover: more than € 24 million in 2016

14 furnaces, 3 mobile furnaces and 22 installations for reaction to fire testing

Over 800 accredited tests for within the Efectis Group

Founding members of EGOLF, the European Group of Official Laboratories for Fire Testing

Our history

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January 2004 CTICM and TNO create Efectis Grouping. The aim is to organize a laboratory network to provide high-quality services to clients.
December 2006 Efectis Nederland and Efectis France are created. They replace TNO and CTICM in Efectis Grouping.
December 2007 Creation of Efectis Group, comprising Efectis France and Efectis Nederland.
February 2009 The certification department of CTICM becomes a member of Efectis Grouping.
August 2009 Efectis create Efectis Ibérica and is represented in Madrid (Spain).
August 2010 Era (Turkey) and Efectis sign an MOU for the creation of the first fire resistance and reaction to fire testing laboratory in Turkey.
April 2011 Efectis branding is developed and promoted exclusively by Efectis Group.
May 2011 Era and Efectis create the company Efectis Era Avrasya (Turkey) based in Gebze, near Istanbul.
January 2013 Efectis France opens a second laboratory, in Les Avenières, near Lyon.
March 2013 Incorporation of Efectis Outlabs Ventilation (France), whose aim is to perform in situ tests in the field of fire safety and ventilation.
June 2013 Efectis Nederland moves to a new laboratory in Bleiswijk, near The Hague.
January 2016 Efectis opens an office in Casablanca (Marocco)
July 2017 University of Ulster and Efectis create the company Efectis UK/Ireland
January 2017 University of Ulster and Efectis create the company Efectis UK/Ireland Ltd., creating the 5th fire laboratory within Efectis Group
Efectis Era Avrasya moves to its new location in Dilovasi, Kocaeli for developing its activity.
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Efectis Group signed a MoU in order to jointly support sustainable fire safety and fire research in society

Our partners