Fire safety regulation is aimed at the safety of people and prevention of propagation, but there are other reasons to look at our buildings. Whether they are of history heritage or brand new, the buildings and what it contains are worth preserving.

Buildings like:

  • Historic artefacts and modern art
  • Distribution centres and warehouses
  • Data centres and public transportation hubs

All play an essential role in our culture and daily life. To protect a public buildings correctly a integrated approach and custom solutions are often required. Efectis is the best partner to solve fire safety challenges in all buildings. Our recognized fire laboratories and experience in fire safety engineering qualify us to offer the best solution in all situations.

Our services

  • Fire tests for validating new materials and new fire protection
  • Real scale, ad-hoc and in situ fire testing
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction tests
  • Design & modelling
    • Comparing the safety level of different solutions
    • Smoke spread studies
    • Structural design
    • Egress analysis
  • Third-part expertise
  • Technical assistance
    • Code evaluation, compliance review, conflict resolution
    • Support during tendering procedures
    • Emergency management and intervention
    • Installation and maintenance of fire protection products and systems
    • Inspections