Even if life safety is always the main concern, when we think of a museum or a library we cannot forget key objectives such as the protection of the content as well as the building elements when they are part of an historic building.

But new public buildings are not less complex than historic ones. Unusual and massive spaces, multipurpose buildings, new materials or new protection systems become challenges to the fire safety engineer.

Public buildings can also be part of strategic means of transport like airports or underground facilities in big cities. A non-controlled fire can produce a lot of casualties and the interruption of the service can block a big city or a region.

Therefore, fire safety issues in public buildings can rarely be solved with solutions included in prescriptive-based codes. To protect a public building correctly a global approach and tailor-made solutions are required.

Efectis is the best partner to solve all of those safety issues in all kinds of buildings. Our recognized fire laboratories with more than 60 years’ experience, as well as our experience in fire safety engineering, inspection and certification make us the appropriate partner for authorities, owners, designers and constructors.

Our services

  • Fire tests for validating new materials and new fire protection systems (passive and active)
  • Special testing: real scale fire test, ad hoc tests, large calorimeter hood test (10MW), including engineering related test
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction tests
  • Conception, design & modeling (prescriptive design and performance-based design)
    • Comparison of safety level of different solutions
    • Smoke spread studies.
    • Structural design
    • Egress analysis
  • Third-part expertise
  • Technical assistance
    • Code evaluation, compliance review, conflict resolution
    • Support during tendering procedures
    • Emergency management and intervention
    • Installation and maintenance of fire protection products and systems
    • Inspections
    • Forensic engineering
  • Safe4Fire building certification